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This treatment is done by applying special herbal powders to the body in a synchronized massage by 2 therapists for 30-45 minutes daily for a period of 14-28 days. This treatment is also known as “powder massage’’. It is ideal for overweight, hemi and tetraplegia, skin diseases, poor circulation, and... Continue reading
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Vasthi is a medicinal enema. It is a curative method in herbal oils, plant extracts applied daily via the rectum for a period of 5-25 days. It is a unique treatment for arthritis, hemiplegic, numbness of the limbs, gastritis complaints, rheumatism, and chronic constipation.
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In this Treatment, Herbal Oils, Milk Or Buttermilk Containing Herbs Etc Are Poured Onto The Forehead According To A Certain Method For 40 Minutes Per Day For A Period Of 7-21days. This Treatment Is Mainly Applied In Cases Of Insomnia. Memory Loss, Headache, Mental Tension, And Certain Skin Diseases. “Siro” Means... Continue reading