Royal Gallery Hall is one of the prestigious section of Windsor castle. It is a T shape hall for accommodating up to 300 people. Royal Gallery is a hall suitable for conducting an Annual meeting, seminars, Parties, New Products launching functions, Conferences, Seminars, Business meets etc.

Sunset Hall itself reveals the natural beauty of the Sunset hall. Here we can enjoy the meetings and conferences by seeing the natural beauty of the lake and an artificial swimming pool. We can accommodate 75 persons for a conference and hardly 120 people for parties and all. It’s an apt place for conducting conferences, product exhibition, training session and private parties.

King Square Hall is comparatively less spacious than the above two. This can accommodate 30 conference persons and more than 50 people for parties. Anyway, this Square is very apt for small family meets and corporate training.

Synod Hall is a typical conference hall which can accommodate only 30 conferencing persons. And this board is apt for corporate training and conferences.

Nalukettu, we can see the typical and traditional Kerala architecture. It is one of the heritage projects of Windsor castle. Nalukettu is a big place that can accommodate more than 500 esteemed guests in one time and applicable for the wedding, engagements, family get together and other private parties.

Ettukettu is also typical traditional Kerala architecture. It is little less spacious than nalukettu. It can accommodate 200 of your valuable guests. And it’s apt for conducting the wedding, engagements, social gatherings, family get together and private parties etc.

Ettukettu lawns can accommodate 600 guests at a time. It is the best option for conducting functions like weddings, engagements, social gatherings, family get together and parties.

Castle Island is situated in a beautiful island landscaped with greens. This is really a mind soothing place with the cold breeze all the time. This Island venture can accommodate 1500 guests at a time. And this place is better for conducting large gatherings, weddings, engagements, private parties etc. Along with ettukettu, it can accommodate more than 3000 guests.

Windsor Convention Center is capable of accommodating 2000 guests and car parking up to 1000 cars. This is the biggest air-conditioned convention center in central Travancore. And it is apt for conducting private parties, social gatherings, wedding, engagements etc.


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