The term “diabesity” is a blend of  two words, diabetics and obesity,  two common deadly problems some of the adults and majority of the young generation suffer today.  Today you have a wide variety of choices in foods, but exercise is optional. Healthy lifestyle is a fairy tale now. People live with “eat, drink and enjoy”, attitude, because life is too short. Visit Best Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala to get rid of both diabetes and obesity.

What is diabetes?

The term “diabetes mellitus” originated from a Latin word meaning “sweet like honey”, indicating, your fluid secretion from the body, ie, urine, is sweet like honey as the body cannot hold and utilize the glucose it produced and a Greek word meaning “to siphon”, hints at the symptom, excessive urination. It is curable at Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala.

Types of Diabetes

  • Type 1diabetes

It is also known as immune-mediated diabetes, as it is an autoimmune disease; a person’s immunity system attacks the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. No production of insulin at all. It can be caused by viruses, toxic chemicals, genetic makeup, and certain drugs.

  • Type 2 diabetes

With type 2 diabetes, pancreas makes insulin, but not enough. Moreover the body is resistant toward the insulin. With type 2 diabetes, the genetic factor is stronger than the type 1 diabetes. A decade ago, Type 2 diabetes occurs mainly in those who are in the middle age. But nowadays, age has nothing to do with this lifestyle disease. The average age for the diabetes is indeed dropping.

In simple words, diabetes is the imbalanced metabolism of glucose. Usually people don’t die directly from this disease, but sometimes they die due to the life-threatening consequences of it, likem Heart disease, Stroke, Poor kidney function, Peripheral arterial disease, Nerve damage and Poor blood supply to the feet , in severe cases it will lead to the amputation of the affected limb. Therefore, it has been called, “a disorder of the very engine of life”!! Whichever type of diabetes you have, Ayurveda can cure you completely.


How Ayurveda helps you?

Diabetes,  “Madhumeha” in Sanskrit, can be cured by Ayurvedic diet modification, panchakarma (cleansing of the body), herbal  preparations, yoga and breathing exercises.     

  • Genetics, Food habits and obesity

Even a person is prone to obesity and diabetes hereditary, through “Panchakarma” and special diet, one can reduce the excess fat in the body boosting the insulin production. Studies proves that there is a connection between genetics and obesity, as well as the excess fat in the body resist insulin production and make up in genetically susceptible people.  Ayurvedic medicines to reduce the craving for sugary food items will join you in the war against this illness.

  • Stress and Lack of exercise

An increase in overall fatness or fat depots is specifically associated with insulin resistance. You are free to eat healthy food, at the same time you have to burn the excess fat in your body. Both are directly proportional. Imbalance will cost you, healthy life. Certain Yoga postures will not only help you to blood-sugar management but also to reduce the risks of its’ complications too. Yoga helps to reduce stress resulting in the proper functioning of the organs.

While other medical methods try to balance the glucose level, Ayurveda try to diagnose the root cause, cleanse and treat the whole system, and finally win in restore the equilibrium between the structural and physiological entities, which signifies good health. Yoga training, individually tailored diet, customized treatment considering the patient and his/her family’s medical history make this treatment totally beneficial for you!!!!!!!!

Get the Best Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala and live a healthy, happy and diabetic-free life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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