Best Ayurvedic Resorts in Kumarakom Kerala. Windsor castle, one of the best Kerala Ayurvedic Resort offers the best ayurvedic treatments and health Wellness. Windsor Castle, a downtown deluxe hotel located in the splendor of backwaters and greenery at Kottayam, Kerala, the gateway of Kumarakom. The most fabulous tourist destination with most picturesque spot surrounding the Kodoor River extends to Vembanad backwaters. This leisure hotel and Lake Village resort stands above the rest in style, class, and luxury. It sets on a sprawling 25 acres of lush foliage and landscaped lawns provides the ideal getaway for a relaxed and enriching experience. Windsor is a twin property crippled together with Lake Village “the Lake Resort “ with Windsor Castle a special white castle on a little mount by the MC road. It is just 60 km from Cochin Airport. Windsor has two big swimming pools, themed restaurants, club bar, beauty parlor, Ayurvedic treatment Centre, sprawling lawns for functions, boating in the backwaters, fishing in Windsor Lake, hunting River monsters, water sports, inland navigation water tour, Rice field trekking, angling, bird watching, and numerous fun and adventurous activities will take you to the real dream world of vacations



Windsor Castle is located in Kottayam, Kerala, India. With the flowing water along lush greenery, the Windsor Castle is of course the best place to get some peace and relaxation,  enjoying the scenery,  feel the cool breeze, take a long walk, get a happy mind in a happy body, and in general, make yourself stress-free. Being awarded one of the best ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, Windsor castle offers more than any ayurvedic resorts in Kerala.

Through the goodness of Ayurveda, Windsor Castle offers people, an opportunity to shed all worries, anxieties and illnesses, and set their inner self free and happy.

A holistic and pampering experience is what Windsor Castle provides our customers with its wide range of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. And the service of expert ayurvedic physicians has helped in conquering the top position among the best resorts in Kumarakom.

Ayurveda is a holistic approach that includes the practices of Yoga and meditation. Yoga, which has become quite popular throughout the world due to its goodness and effect in human body as well as mind. Yoga is the best way to regulate one’s body, keep in tone and meditation helps to set human mind under control. The effect of Ayurveda actually has a much deeper meaning to it.

Windsor Castle Ayurveda mainly concentrates on traditional Ayurveda & Yoga treatments and wellness practices. We value our relationships with our clients and understand our customers to give them the best services possible. The packages in Ayurveda offered in Windsor Castle are specially designed to suit your health and body conditions and ease any uneasiness on human mind and body.

AYURVEDA is an ancient science that evolved for ages through observation, experience and method of life by our ancestors. Ayurveda, being offered in Windsor Castle is a holistic system that believes health is a state of physical and mental well being and is based on perfect balance of three doshas mainly vata, pitha and kapha. Normally, diseases are the results of the imbalanced state of these three doshas. Ayurvedic mode of living and practices rectifies this imbalance and helps an individual maintain a perfect balance between body, mind and soul. Our hygienically maintained environment with a relaxing atmosphere is designed to boost up your spirit by strengthening your body and mind.

The Ayurvedic spa at the Windsor Castle is meant for complete body rejuvenation. It blends the purity of Ayurveda and the goodness of the spa. Ayurveda, which itself means the “Science of Life” is an ancient practice for maintaining the balancing of body, mind, and soul. When it comes along with the spa, a medicinal procedure for complete body rejuvenation, relaxation & detoxification energizes and gives an individual a complete balanced state of body and mind.

The Destination you will remember forever. It is the National Award winner for the BEST AYURVEDIC RESORT in the country. Once entered to this magical green wonderland you will sock into greenery all over, the whirlwind cool and soothes your mind. That’s why the Dutch choose to live this place in the Eighteenth Century by constructing colonial houses and godowns for a collection of spices from Thekkumkoor the bygone Kingdom Direct gateway to Vembanad Lake and Kumarakom opens at here. In fact, the ancient spice route begins at the backwater here then to Vembanadu Lake then to the Arabian Sea and voyage up to Roman Empire. Dutch shipped pepper from here once known as black gold. LAKE VILLAGE is not just a Resort. Above all lake village has largest botanical garden in a city with fabulous trees and large lawns spread over 10 Hectors, Fag end of Vembanadu Lake, shimmering lagoons and meandering canals, colonial lakeside bungalows give houseboat effect feel. The real natives are numerous spices of rare birds and nightingales. They will sing a lullaby while you sleep here. Furthermore, endless fun like fishing, boating, hunting river monsters, country boat riding, paddy field tracking, and never-ending activities awaits you here. The resort is further enriched with Amphitheater, cultural center, Ettukettu and Nalukettu restaurants, traditional temple pool, baniyan island, and countless amenities. Above all, it is the best Ayurvedic Resort in the country and the largest wedding destination in the splendor and luxurious vast green space in the state of Kerala.